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Why Choose Us?

Powerful Teaching Moment for Caring

A great way to teach awareness in a fun, meaningful way.

Elevate The Penny to Royalty

Lowly penny gets a status of grandeur, from the ground to gifting smiles.

Get Updates About Where The Pennies Go

Weekly updates about which hospital is currently receiving your gifts.


Gorgeous displays to track your pennies and your supporters.

Latest News

  • You Are The Stars


    A Bright Light, Every One Every penny is a bright shining star that, when assembled ...

  • Like Grains of Sand


    The neighbors are in on it. Three little girls who are sisters and Marc, ...

  • Let The Smiles Begin


    The first pennies have started to roll in… (pun intended)… as we have rolled 900 ...

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If composed of 97.5% zinc and 2.5% copper, weighing 2.5 grams each, one million pennies weigh 2,500,000 grams or 5511.56 lbs. The area would be a little more than 5 feet by 4 feet by 1 foot or about 157 gallons.

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