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About Us

Who Are You?

We are high school students

who are part of a business mentoring group called, More Sensible. We have all started businesses within the group and are learning and growing. One of the important aspects of learning is to gain wisdom. One of our group’s tenants is that, in order to gain wisdom, we must learn generosity. Collecting a million pennies to for charity will help us learn how to be generous.

What are the pennies for?

For kids in hospitals

Our mission it to collect “a million pennies” over and over, again, and donate each $10,000 to different hospitals for fun use by children that have been admitted, children in the Emergency Room and in Burn Units. Our first million pennies will go to support kids with coloring books, crayons and other such things at Torrance Memorial Medical Center. After that, our second million pennies will probably go to Miller’s Children’s Hospital in Long Beach, which was recommends by our first recipient.

How much actually makes it to the kids?

The whole (gross) 100% raised

Any administrative or other costs, incurred during the collection and distribution of each $10,000 donation, will be absorbed by Ample Trust Fund, so that the recipients receive the whole (gross) 100% amount raised.

How do I get my pennies to you?

In person, by mail or online

We might be able to pick them up from you or you could mail them to us. For great distances and convenience, you might choose to deposit your pennies into the bank and use our website, here, to send the pennies digitally via PayPal (PayPal accepts credit cards, also). We prefer to collect real pennies and connect with real people, yet we don’t want to decline online gifts made through our website.

Are you going through a 501(c)3 non-profit?

Yes, Child Life Foundation

“Yes, after we collect a million pennies, we will be going through the Child Life Foundation Director at Torrance Memorial Medical Center. Her name is Gina Sievert. She has been working there for 17 years.

How will you get a million pennies to the kids?

Armored trucks, Wells Fargo and Amazon.com

Armored trucks, filled with 6,000 pounds of pennies, rolling up to Wells Fargo bank and deposited into an account that can be used to fulfill the shopping list for the kids.

Our first shopping list is being put together by Gina, who works with Child Life, at Torrance Memorial Medical Center. We won’t see the kids, yet our best wish is that the coloring books, crayons and even iPads, will lessen the harshness of their stay.

Why don't you use Go Fund Me?

Too many fees

we looked at all of the fundraising sites and all of them had too many fees. we really do prefer to collect real pennies, yet only have our website setup for those that would ask us if they could pay online. otherwise, we want the personal connection of collecting pennies and other coins or donations from the actual people. that is what is called “organic”. we want our fundraiser to be more organic and less synthetic. I know it might sound strange, however, we would rather collect pennies the hard way than to collect online payments because we want to connect with people, not with their spendable money. we want to collect the money that they would normally not spend. we want the money that is found on the streets, sidewalks, couch cushions and laying around because nobody wants those pennies. that is the money we really want.


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